2023 theme
Alternate Lucidity
Creative manifestations during the festival's upcoming edition are composed to evoke alternative dimensions of reality and allusion to an imaginative source. We want the interpretations and emotions to go beyond visible entering a dreamlike, utopian world.
Matias Fr0syaa
Matei Petrescu x Sol sarratea
2022 exhibitions

Natural Connection

Installation created by Olivia Brix and Lukas Keysell from B612 artist collective.

NATURAL CONNECTION was an interactive installation inviting visitors to explore the hidden world of fungi. Fungi occupy a crucial role in the renewal and regeneration of life on land through its interconnected system of underground networks, called mycelium.

The cross-species communication aims to form a more compassionate, considerate and collaborative relationship between mankind and the natural world. We must act as fungi to help restore our ecosystems and to gain an interconnected perspective of our planet, including everything and everyone on it.


HORIZONTOLOGY explores collective and collaborative forms and practices, operating in a wide variety of fields and areas of knowledge such as architecture, art and heritage. Its purpose is to propose other spaces through which to understand the creation of new forms -material and institutional- which use artistic practices as a starting point. Levi and Daniel created Horizontology, wanting to energise space using recycled materials.

KUNE PAVILION was a place for shelter, festivity and community for the KUNE family. It resembles ancient atmospheres of spirituality, orienting the community towards higher orders of feeling and spirit.


The sculptural work of SANCHO lays on the edge of natural and artificial worlds.  He seeks to materialize the invisible with a craftsman and industrial designer approach. With a playful and experimental attitude, he investigates the relations between aesthetics, science and technology.

UNGDOMSØEN RESONANCE seeks to redefine the language of sound by sculpting the liquid’s topography on analog cymatics into the wood. Interactive experiments with frequencies, liquid and light take Ungdomsøen’s top-view geometry as a container plate. Here, the audience is encouraged to playfully variate the amplitude and frequency to create a unique resonance inside the Hangar.


DAVIDE HJORT DI FABIO often uses art historical references as a tool to create new interpretations of history and give it a queer perspective. The approach to history manifests a desire to reflect on our relationship to the world we live in, and how we can restructure it.

INTERPHASE was filmed with a GoPro camera inside frozen waterfalls, rivers and glaciers in Iceland, where Davide stayed for two months during the lockdown.

Like a journey between the melting ice and the camera, the closeups on the ice surface create a sort of environmental choreography. The title comes from the biology term Interphase, where a cell during the time it grows, replicates its chromosomes and prepares for cell division.


CIRCUIT CIRCUS is a Copenhagen-based art collective. They create objects, sculptures and interactive encounters, by working creatively with technology, form-giving and new production methods.

LIGHT OBJECTS III is a series of light sculptures in wood and LED light. It constitutes the newest iteration in an ongoing exploration of working softly with algorithmically generated animations and LEDs mediated through wood panels. The tempo, colours and dynamics of the lights will change throughout the festival, creating different ambiences and expressions as time passes.


DANIEL ROSCA is a Romanian artist based in Bucharest. He works with a varied set of media, such as paintings, ceramics, and papier-mache sculptures. His artistic discourse is strongly linked to the inner and social life of the human being and its relations with nature. Daniel appeal to water, and other natural elements are metaphorical symbols to express human states of mind, feelings and thoughts.

In WATER VOLCANOES, Daniel made use of the elements of water, wind and soil to generate a utopic environment, which expresses two ever-growing concerns: on one side drought and lack of clean water, and other, a world of physical and spiritual turmoil. Although these issues are found in his art, this does not lead to a state of despair. The positive perspective, that of hope, appears as an element meant to encourage the viewer to a constructive reflection.


A natural light installation created specifically for Astral Stage and Gallery of Kune Festival 2022 by DANIELA STOIAN a mixed media visual artist based in Copenhagen.

This barrier of light and colours invites the visitor to relax their eyes and their bodies and enjoy a break from the outside world.

“Like a slow dive towards the bottom of the sea, it’s dark but you can still notice the surface of light. The sound waves move you gently. Stay submerged as long as you need or get back up and join the world again,  when you feel ready."