Festival faq

We answered some of the frequently asked questions regarding the festival below:


What time does the festival start, and when does the final set end on the last day?

The music on the first day of the festival (July 19th) starts at 8 pm, but you are welcome to arrive at any point of the day, starting from early morning. Arriving earlier would be a great opportunity to explore the island and get familiar with the setting before the music starts, as well as securing a good spot at the camping area.

The music stops at 3 pm on the last day of the festival (July 23rd), which is the official end of KUNE Festival 2023. 

Music during the festival days is played from around 12 pm until 8 am on different stages.

What is nice to bring to KUNE?

We have a checklist of the essentials and nice-to-have things to consider for a great experience.Please note that you can’t buy cigarettes on the island, so you might want to stock up before coming. 

We have power sockets in the open-air kitchen area but recommend bringing a well-charged power bank. 

The island can be a real paradise when the good weather is there, although it has its perils added by the exposure to the sun - remember to use sunscreen and hydrate well in those cases. At the same time, the island is exposed to elements in case of bad weather, so you should be prepared to encounter both scenarios.

Must Haves: Tent, Sleeping bag, Sleeping mattress, Torch (Headlight/Tent light), Sunscreen, Lotion, Raincoat, Warm clothes, Windbreaker jacket, Hand sanitizer, Wet wipes. Lip balm

Nice to Have: Earplugs, Water container, Sunglasses, Swimwear, Hat, Plastic bag, Power bank, Toilet Paper, Painkillers, Yoga mat

Will there be charging stations?

There will be no dedicated charging stations on the island. However, you will be able to find sockets available around the island, including in the open air kitchens, or inside the fort near the toilets.


What camping gear can I bring?

If you have purchased a Full Pass you also have an included spot in the camping area. Please note that the Full Pass is the only ticket type that grants you a spot in the camping area.

To ensure that everyone that purchased the ticket can have space to set up their tent, we will ask you to bring a tent of a size equivalent to the number of people sleeping in it. You will not be allowed to set pavilions, etc.

In the camping, there is a clean and silent policy - meaning you should ensure to keep the space clean, not make open fires or use speakers of any kind.

Can I rent a tent at the festival?

KUNE Festival itself does not offer tent rental. However, UØ island has some tents available for rent, which you can coordinate at the Entrance Booth.

How can I book a bed in a dorm?

Dorm beds can be booked only via the WERZ app. 

The indoor accommodation is in a shared room with approximately 8-10 other people in a hostel style where you get your own bed but share bathroom facilities with your roomies. You need to bring your own bedsheets or purchase them from the kiosk at the entrance of the dorms. 

Food & Drinks

Can I bring my own food?

Yes, you are allowed to bring your own food. We will, however, also have food vendors at the festival to provide delicious food for our guests. The food court will be open for most of the day and night. Please consider purchasing your food from our vendors, and contribute to the economy of the festival.

Can I bring my own alcohol?

You are not allowed to bring your own alcohol to the festival. On arrival to the island, there will be security checking your bags. If any alcohol is found it will be confiscated. Our festival’s success and continuity depends on our bar sales. Any confiscated alcohol will not be returned.

Please make sure to bring your own water bottle - there will be many spots to refill your water bottle.Note, though, that festival guests are not allowed to bring any glass bottles (small or big).

Will there be food at the festival?

Yes, at the festival area, you will be able to get meals from our food vendors. The food trucks will be located on the island. There will be a vegetarian option available in each of them, and some will offer vegan options as well. Coffee and tea will be served in the Garden Bar. Additionally, you can find small snacks at the kiosk on the island.

Safety & Policies

What is the drug policy at the festival?

We aim to create a pleasant and safe experience for all participants and do not tolerate the consumption of illegal substances. Please, respect yourself, each other, and your surroundings.

KUNE Festival is a place to unwind and enjoy, but despite being separated from the mainland, Ungdomsøen and KUNE comply with the laws of Denmark and require all participants to do the same. Violation may result in expulsion.

A first aid team will be present on the island to assist in case of any injuries or accidents. Please note that in case of serious injuries, transportation from the island happens with a boat or a helicopter.

Is there a Safer Space at the festival?

Yes, Safer Space team will be present at the festival for its entire duration. You will find them wearing pink t-shirts, and they will be ready to assist you day and night. Don’t hesitate to approach the Safer Space volunteers if you feel unsafe, unwell or know of someone else who might need assistance. Our volunteers are trained in conflict resolving and de-escalation, as well as intervening in potentially dangerous situations involving substances. Safer Space works closely with KUNE’s First Aid Team and are able to call in medical assistance if needed.

Where can I find the First Aid?

First Aid is available inside the fort, close to the Entrance Booth. There will be a sign at the main entrance that will guide you to First Aid. If you cannot find First Aid or get in touch with them, reach out to Safer Space who can help you get to First Aid. Everyone is welcome at First Aid, do not hesitate to come if you need help of any kind.

Can I bring my own camera and take photos at the festival?

You are allowed to bring your camera and capture nice memories from the festival. Please use your camera with consideration to those that might not want to be photographed. Please be especially considerate of the atmosphere on the dancefloor. For pictures of DJs please contact the stage manager and see if the DJ wants it. If you are representing a publication or have a photo/fashion/art project while the festival is running please make contact with someone from the organizer team as we would like to meet you.


Where do I get my wristband?

Your wristband will be available for receiving at the Entrance Booth at UØ upon showing your festival ticket on WERZ or RA app.

What happens if I have a day ticket and want to stay longer?

The day tickets are valid from 9 AM to 10 AM (25 hours). We don’t allow exceptions to the duration, therefore if you would like to stay longer, you need to purchase an additional ticket for the following day or a weekend pass for a Friday-Sunday stay.

I have a weekend pass but no place to sleep, what can I do?

We cannot secure a place for sleep for Weekend Pass holders, but we recommend bringing a sleeping bag, a carpet/mat, or a light camping mattress. Even though camping is not included in the Weekend Pass, there are spots around the island where you can catch some sleep.

Ferries travel to the mainland on a regular schedule, so you can travel back and forth during the weekend. Please make sure to check the Sparshipping schedule for each day by accessing the Transportation page.

Can I resell my ticket?

Yes, you can resell your ticket. The process is straightforward: first, find a prospective buyer, then use WERZ or RA to make the ticket transfer. Remember, we don't provide assistance for this process, so you'll need to get in touch with WERZ or RA directly. If you opt for WERZ, you can reach them via the "WERZ Talk" button in their app or by sending an email to ok@werz.at.


How to get to and from the island?

We recommend purchasing your ticket to and from the island as early as possible to secure a place on the ferry that best suits your needs. You can do that on the following link: https://tinyurl.com/kune-boat
Other info in regards to the transport:

  • The trip takes around 30 minutes (one way).
  • The price for an adult ticket (roundtrip) is 220 DKK.
  • If you are under 25 years old for a roundtrip you will pay 125 DKK.
  • One ferry can accommodate around 145 passengers - queues are expected, especially at the first and last day of the festival.
  • We cannot guarantee available spots for walk-ins so we highly recommend booking a ticket in advance, and as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you can also arrive with a private boat. Be aware though there is limited space at the docking, so if you would like to come with your own boat we recommend to arrive early on the first day of the festival. Each boat will be charged a docking fee of 100 DKK per boat per day.


Will there be workshops?

Between Thursday and Saturday, a variety of workshops and activities will be available. Some will necessitate prior registration, while others are open for walk-ins. Information regarding these workshop offerings can be found on our Social Media platforms, as well as at the Info Point located within the festival area.

Still have questions?

Reach out to us at contact@kunekbh.com